Sunday, December 31, 2006

Distance Discography

A: Trust My Logic
B: Horizon

White Label

A: Nomad
B: 3rd Wish


Tropical rub, featured on the Studio Gangsters E.P

Sting Recordings

A1: Breathing Space
A2: Ritual
B1: Drop1
B2: Shivers

Sting Recordings

A1: Replicant
B1: Dark Crystal
B2: Roots


A: Empire
B: 1 on 1


Saints & Sinners, featured on the Low End Dubs E.P


Swarm, featured on the Our sound L.P


A: Fallen
B: Taipan


A: Traffic
B: Cyclops

Planet Mu

A: Temptation
B: Bawl FWD ( produced by Skream)


A1: Dead Man Walking, feat Virus Syndicate, Milanese original
A2; You can’t rmx
B1: Distance rmx

Planet Mu

A: Travel
B: Wiseman ( Distance vs Skream)

Ringo Records

Worries Again, feat Crazy D
Warrior Dubz Album, presented by Maryanne Hobbs

Planet Mu


Anonymous Anonymous said...

any chance on shiverz etc. ever getting repressed?

looking forward to the album, a whole frikkin lot


2:42 PM  
Blogger Edu DG said...

For me "Replicants" is one of the greatest songs of its genre. And as a fan of Blade Runner I got surprised by hearing some very nice quotes from the movie.
Congrats DJ Distance.
"... I've done questionable things... but extraordinary things..." :)

8:27 PM  
Blogger Tom n Sam said...

bought stuff on itunes but can't find V anywhere! heavy tune but rare atm! any help?

2:19 AM  

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